We share a belief that working together for a better community makes us stronger.

By working together, we can make a difference to the lives of those within our communities. We're here to listen, to find out your goals and to help you get there.

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We're about helping communities reach their goals

Regional Australia Bank is a customer owned bank that is there for regional Australians. Because we're a customer owned bank, we're able to care about our customers in a way that if we had shareholders, we wouldn't be able to do.

We're about not maximising profits, we're about optimising profits. And that difference allows us to give back to the relationships we have our customers and our communities.

Platforms like the Heart of Our Community allow local people to help each other and reach their goals. Sponsorship, seeding and funding from Regional Australia Bank enables stronger and better communities to be built and provides a catalyst for change within our communities - helping the areas we all live in.


How we're helping

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